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Electrical Compliance Certification

Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Fencing Compliance Certificates. We make sure you are compliant with current legislation, guaranteed.

Electrical Certificate of Compliance Johannesburg

When selling a property, its a requirement to provide a valid COC which proves your electrics adhere to South African regulations and must be completed by a licenced and registered company. If you are buying or selling a property or having any major electrical work carried out, you will need an up to date Electrical Certificate of Compliance Johannesburg.

What is a COC?

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) is a detailed document that verifies the electrical system within a property and any work conducted on it, is up to code and in line with specific regulations laid out by Electric Conformance Board of South Africa (ECB).

Electrical Certificate of Compliance Johannesburg

What are the Different Types of Electrical c.o.c?

Until there comes a time when you actually need an Electrical Certificate of Compliance Johannesburg, most people don’t even know what they are or why they need one, let alone what type they need and who they can trust to do the job properly. Fortunately, its not a complicated process, and there are only 2 main types of Certification, the cost of which will vary depending on whether you have a residential, commercial or industrial requirement.

Electrical Certificate of Compliance (c.o.c)

This certification will check all the electrical wiring, lights, earth, plug points and power distribution boards within your property as well as any lighting, sockets or cabling on the exterior. Checking if your electrical system meets current regulations is important if you are thinking about selling your home. A standard COC is valid for 2 years.

Electric Fence Compliance Certificate

If you have a property or business premises that is protected by an electrical fence, you will need a separate C.O.C inspection report for this purpose. Electric Fence COC Johannesburg can be obtained at the same time as the standard report or booked on its own. Again, the certificate has a 2 year validity.

Quality Local Electrical Inspection Services

Get a comprehensive inspection of your electrical system with full certified compliance Certificate from a qualified Electrician. Receive advice and recommendations on the best ways to bring your system up to the required new legislation (if required) and ensure that upgrades, repairs and wiring is done according to the latest SANS 10143 wiring code.

Domestic Inspection

home inspection

A full electrical survey of your residential property with complete Compliance Certificate plus free estimate for any necessary repairs and upgrades

Commercial Inspection

commercial inspection

Suitable for Offices, Hotels, Schools and Commercial Retail outlets, this comprehensive service ensures your electrical system is safe and up to regulation standards

Industrial Inspection

industrial inspection

This Certification is provided to larger scale industrial buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses and production facilities. 

Who needs a Certified COC document?

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance Johannesburg is required in a legal capacity to anyone that owns an electrical installation. This certification will be issued to you when buying a property and its the sellers responsibility to make sure the certificate is current and up to regulation. When selling a property you have owned for more than 2 years, you will need to get an updated certificate and possibly upgrade your system if the legislation has changed.

When looking from the point of view of the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), its an offence for anyone to supply, market, sell or let a property with an electrical system that is unsafe. The seller of any property, both domestic and commercial is obliged to obtain a COC before any transfer of property can be completed and must be in line with current regulation and code of practice.

What Do You Check for During the Inspection?

Our Electrical Safety tests are comprehensive and followed rigorously in line with the current code of practice. During your inspection, the technician may make recommendations for upgrades, warn components or indeed, parts of your system that don’t meet current requirements for electrical safety. In any case, we always provide a detailed and free estimate of any work that needs completed through our range of electrical services on offer.

Inside / Interior Electrics
  • Run Checks for Earth “Leakage”
  • Check all Earthing points of Lights & Switches
  • Circuit Breaker Rating
  • Loop Impedance tests
  • Check Distribution box labeling is correct
  • Check Cabling is correctly Rated for load
  • Check all Plugs for correct Earth
Outside Areas & Outbuildings
  • Garden Lights Safety
  • Check Exterior cabling is correctly rated
  • Earthing of Satellite Dish / TV Aerial
  • Check Outside Plug Points & Sockets
  • Electric Gate Motor is Correctly isolated
  • Pools Pumps & Control Rooms
  • Distribution for Automatic Garage Doors
Roof Space & Roof Voids
  • Upgrade or Replace Exposed Joins
  • Check Geyser bonding
  • Check each Geyser Point Isolated
  • Correct Placement of 3 way Terminal Boxes
  • Check overload protection on Transformers 
  • Check Low Voltage Lighting Safety
  • Check for Exposed and/or Dangerous Wiring
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