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Electrical Maintenance & Repair

We offer the Best Electrical Repairs Johannesburg

In the event that you are experiencing issues with your electrical system at home or at the office, you can count on our experienced technicians to help. We provide a comprehensive range of Electrical Repairs Johannesburg to ensure that regardless of the issues you may be facing, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to fix it fast without breaking the bank.

Care should be taken when dealing with electricity and you should never attempt to tackle any electrical repair work on your own for risk of electric shock or other serious injury. We will ensure that all repairs are carried out to the highest of standards, conforming to current ECB regulations and ensuring correct code of practice is adhered to for COC documentation.

My Power is out. I Need an Electrician Today, Can you Help?

Yes. Depending on your location and the the job requirements, we will always aim to be with you the same day whenever possible, however during the evenings, at weekend and public holidays, it may be difficult to attend to you right away unless its an emergency.

We always aim to offer a speedy service and understand how frustrating it can be if your power is out or you have an electrical appliance that’s faulty. Whatever your requirements might be, give our team a call today and we’ll do our best to get out to you the same day…

Electrical Repairs Johannesburg

Preventative Electrical Maintenance Johannesburg

Keeping your electrical system in good working order is both common sense and one of a safety precaution. We provide an array of services for Electrical Maintenance Johannesburg to ensure that your electrical system stays in A1 condition and that costly repairs, break downs, power failure or worse can be avoided. We cater for the residential sector but also largely in the commercial and industrial settings where electrical maintenance is compulsory rather than optional.

Domestic & Residential

Getting your electrical wiring, fuses, distribution boards, sockets and switches checked at least once a year should form part of the annual maintenance plan for your home. Keeping up to speed will help avoid system malfunction or failure and will ensure you stay upgraded to conform to current regulation should you ever want to sell your home.

Commercial Offices & Establishments

In a commercial or office setting, its compulsory to have the full electrical system safety check annually, including all appliances and office equipment that gets used on the premises. Failure to do so could land you a big fine from the authorities so let us take care of your Commercial Electrical Maintenance.

Industrial Warehouses & Production Facilities

As with the office environment, electrical safety is an important factor within any industrial setting. Where large amounts of power are needed to run big equipment or machines, the risk of fatal electric shock is increased. Having the necessary checks to ensure all your safety systems are functioning 100% is compulsory and we can take care of it for you.

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    We have you Covered for Electrical Repairs Johannesburg...

    • Power Tripping
    • Sparking Of Any Kind
    • Total or Partial Power Failure
    • Faulty Appliances¬†
    • Broken or Damaged Wires
    • Gate Motor Fault Detection
    • Fix & Service Pool Pumps
    • CCTV Faults
    • Replace Broken Relay Switches
    • Damaged Plug Sockets
    • Replace Faulty Switches
    • Lights Flickering

    Expert Modern Diagnosis & Fault Finding

    In order to provide quality low cost Electrical Repairs Johannesburg, we have heavily invested in our technology so that we can determine the root cause of your electrical fault faster. Using the latest in software, modern diagnostic equipment and of course, our expert experience, we can quickly determine whats causing your fault, how it happened and how to prevent the same issue arising again. With faster repair times not only can we minimise your downtime but also save you money on overall labor costs.

    How can I tell if my Electrical System is Faulty?

    This may seem like a silly question but one that’s actually quite common. In most causes, a faulty electrical system simply wont power on, or “trips” out, however with the continuous load shedding and other electrical supply issues in Joburg and Gauteng, its often hard to tell if its routine or a physical issue with internal components, wiring or fuses..

    Whats is the Average Electrical Repair Cost?

    We get asked this a lot and its often hard to tell until we have effectively diagnosed and identified whats causing the issue. In most cases, electric components or circuitry simply burn out over time and the replacement is easy and cost effective. For more complex issues, we will quote based on the replacement parts needed and the time taken. Call us today for a free estimate

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